BRE is the proud distributor and exclusive service agent for Rulmeca, for further information you may like to visit

BRE Services are proud distributors for Rulmeca Melco. With over 160 years of engineering experience & 70 years in Motorized pulleys fulfilling the markets needs for reliable, compact and low maintenance conveyor options. Large scale options for mining to small scale rollers for food production conveyors as well as specialized products for specific environments.

It is now a part of the Family owned Rulmeca group specialising in development, production, sales of belt conveyor rollers/idlers, motorized pulleys, fabricated pulleys and other components.

The self-contained motorized pulleys range from 0.035kw to 250kw and ranging in diameters have so many benefits, including;

  • Totally enclosed (IP69) as a factory standard
  • Space saving design
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Energy efficient and clean
  • Low installation cost
  • Low noise
  • Fewer external parts creating safer environments