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BRE Services and all our employees are have been involved with and will continue to support the following charities.

Turi Trust
National Breast Cancer Foundation
Ride to Conquer Cancer
Caitlin’s Retreat



The Turi Trust

The Turi Trust was established in 2010 as the philanthropic arm of Turi Foods Pty Ltd. It is a registered charity organization which is run by a committee on behalf of all of the employees. The trust was founded in order to provide its members with a vehicle through which they can engage in workplace giving, participate in fund raising activities and volunteer within their community in programs which are important to them.

They hope that these programs will serve to enrich the lives of the employees of Turi Foods and in turn those of the people around them.

Caitlin’s Retreat

Caitlin’s Retreat is a wellness centre that harnesses the known health benefits of the natural environment to help promote the health and wellbeing of young people with special needs, their parents, carers and siblings. This property is located in Eltham, Victoria and is inspired by the life of Caitlin Darbyshire who passed away in 2006 aged eight.