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Our Mechanical department is a recent addition to the BRE Services team. Although relatively new, the mechanical team has decades of combined industry knowledge and experience. We offer a full range of services from simple design and fabrication through to greenfield commercial installations and are a one-stop shop with end-to-end in-house service capability for all manufacturing industries.

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Our Services

  • We specialise in new installs and relocate for the manufacturing industry
  • Our team of highly trained expert technicians will work together with your building and design team to create and install a solution to optimise your manufacturing process
  • We can offer team leaders, site supervisors and leading hands to work alongside your management team to run your shutdown
  • Our team are experience in shutdown work with a makeup of Fitters, Boiler Makers, Riggers, and TA’s
  • We can respond quickly to callouts – backed by a complete machine and fabrication workshop that enables us turn around machine components that may need to be required to get you up and running quickly as possible
  • Our technicians have extensive knowledge in all aspects of equipment and machinery assembly and repair, including motion control, pneumatics, and hydraulics
  • We offer a full range of design, modelling, drafting and prototyping services. Utilising CAD/CAM design software, our drafting team has the knowledge and experience. With our in-house range of capabilities, we can make the journey from idea to development and manufacture seamless
  • Our boilermakers and welders are skilled in working with heavy materials, light sheet and pipe work.
  • Our facilities are designed to handle any job big or small, repetitive or one off with a press brake, guillotine, laser cutting, MIG, TIG, STICK specialised welding procedures and standards.
  • We have a capable machine shop with manual lathe and mill.

Recent Projects

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The objective of this project was to design and manufacture a fully automated transfer table capable of efficiently handling decking boards within a manufacturing line. The transfer table needed to seamlessly transfer boards from one side of the production line to the other, allowing for accumulation and subsequent processing through a surface finisher before packing.

Key Features and Requirements:

  1. Servo Based Accumulation & Transfer Functionality: The transfer table was designed to accumulate decking boards as they exited the extruders on one side of the production line. A servo motor and pusher system was integrated into the design to allow precise positioning of the boards to facilitate a smooth transfer and maximise accumulation efficiency, ensuring a continuous flow of production.
  2. Built-in Check Weigher: A built-in check weigher was integrated into the design, allowing for periodic quality checks to ensure that boards met specified tolerances.
  3. Programmable for Multiple Board Sizes: Our Automation team programmed the transfer table to handle up to three different board sizes, enhancing flexibility in production.
  4. Safety Considerations: Prior to installation, a comprehensive Risk Assessment was conducted by our Safety team to ensure compliance with safety standards and mitigate any potential risks.


The successful implementation of the transfer table has significantly enhanced production efficiency and flexibility. By seamlessly transferring boards between production stages and incorporating a built-in quality check system, the table has streamlined the manufacturing process while ensuring product quality. The table’s programmable capabilities and adherence to safety standards have further contributed to its effectiveness in meeting the client’s production requirements.

Overall, the transfer table has been seamlessly integrated into the production line, facilitating smooth operations, and contributing to the client’s overall manufacturing success.


The aim of this project was to modify an existing ladder and install a platform and handrail to ensure compliance with Australian standards. Collaboration with European-based engineers facilitated local project management, ensuring efficient execution and adherence to project requirements.

Key Features and Requirements:

  1. Fabrication of Platform and Handrail: Utilizing drawings provided by the customer, the platform and handrail components were fabricated at our workshop. Materials were laser-cut and fabricated to precise specifications before being sent out for painting.
  2. Removal of Ladder: The existing ladder required modification to accommodate the installation of the platform. The ladder was removed, cut in half, and the ladder cage was dismantled. Portions of the ladder were then reassembled and remounted to meet Australian standards.
  3. Installation of Platform and Handrail: Once the ladder modification was complete, the platform was lifted into place and securely attached to the air filter unit. The modified ladder was then remounted to provide safe access to the platform.


The successful completion of the project resulted in a ladder and platform system that meets Australian standards for safety and compliance. Collaboration with European engineers ensured that the modifications met the requirements of the client’s global standards. By avoiding the need to send a team from Europe to perform the modifications, the project achieved cost savings and minimized downtime.

Overall, the project’s outcome met the client’s expectations and regulatory requirements, providing a safe and compliant solution for accessing the air filter unit. The successful execution of the modifications demonstrates our commitment to quality and safety in all project endeavours.

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