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With our team of TÜV Rhineland and CMSE (TÜV Nord) certified safety engineers, automation engineers, electricians, and mechanical fitters, BRE Services is in the unique position within the industry to offer a fully integrated turnkey solution, providing ownership and accountability for all machine safety applications.

We have the knowledge and experience to support all aspects of the machine safety lifecycle.

  • Risk Assessments in accordance with Australian and International Standards.
  • Guarding Conformity Report (GCR) in accordance with AS/NZS 4024.1601:2014 and AS/NZS 4024.1801:2014
  • Safeguarding Concept & Safety Control System Design.
  • Existing & Upgrade Safety Requirements Specification (SRS).
  • Safety upgrade project management, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical installation.
  • Generation and/or updating of electrical and pneumatic schematic diagrams.
  • Programming of safety controllers, integrating with existing control systems (PLCs, HMIs and SCADA).
  • Performance Level Verification, Safety Category Validation & Post Measures Risk Assessment.
  • Machine Safety Training & CE Marking.

We have built strong relationships with all major safety component manufacturers and through our network of suppliers, we can deliver the correct safety solution for each application without the inherent conflict of interest that arises when a specific product is the focus.


BRE Services’ industry leading structured methodology is founded on our knowledge of regulations and standards, and our industry experience designing and
implementing practical machine safety solutions. This methodology is based on the principles outlined in the AS/NZS 4024.1:2019 standard series:

  • Determine the limits, including the intended use and any reasonably foreseeable misuse.
  • Identify the hazards and the associated hazardous situations.
  • Estimate the risks, considering the severity of the possible injury or damage to health and the probability of its occurrence.
  • Evaluate the risks, with a view to determining whether risk reduction is required.
  • Eliminate the hazards or reduce the risks associated with these hazards by application of protective measures.

BRE Services has optimised these principles into our three-stage approach to ensure all hazards and scenarios are considered during consultation. This allows greater accuracy in costing whilst limiting impact on production during implementation. Further risk reduction is undertaken through design verification and system validation.

Safety Consultation

  • On site risk assessment, review of documentation and interviews with technical and operational personnel.
  • Risk Assessment Report with hazard identification and scoring and risk reduction recommendations.
  • Safety Requirements Specification (SRS) for existing safety functions and/or upgrade design.
  • Functional safety matrix that demonstrates the relationship between safety input and output components.
  • Project plan with timeline for implementation.

Design and Implementation

  • Electrical schematic diagrams of proposed safety upgrade.
  • Design verification, performance level calculations.
  • Programming of safety controller, integration with existing control system, and HMI/SCADA alarm programming.
  • Supply and installation of safety-related parts of the control system and guarding (fixed, movable and fencing).
  • Commissioning and testing of complete system.

Safety Validation

  • Validation of the safety control in accordance with relevant standards.
  • Verification of design, functional and fault testing of all safety functions.
  • Validation Report with record of testing undertaken.
  • Post measure risk assessment to ensure no hazards have been introduced.


Our team experience covering all phases of the safety lifecycle across multiple industries, our machine safety projects over the past 12 months include:

Brick Manufacturing

  • Plant and machine specific risk assessment.
  • Multiple brick trolley transfer cars safety upgrade with area scanners.
  • Holding room safety exclusion with emergency stop devices, safety fencing, guard locking switches and light curtains.
  • Safety Requirements (SRS) Design Concept and Safety Validations for the above-mentioned projects.

Beverage Manufacturing

  • Machine risk assessment of a complete filling line.
  • Safety Requirements Specification (SRS) Design Concept for stretch wrapper machines.
  • Carton packer safety upgrade with emergency stop devices, guarding modifications, interlock switches and integration with existing control system.

Packaging Industry

  • Risk assessment and safety validation on injection moulding and blow moulding machines.
  • Injection moulding machine safety upgrade with emergency stop devices, and interlock switches.
  • Risk assessment of a shuttle car transfer system at a glass bottle plant.
  • Complete safety lifecycle upgrade of a bottle closure manufacturing line.

PVC Pipe Extrusion

  • Plant and machine specific risk assessment.
  • Complete safety lifecycle upgrade of various machines on multiple extrusion lines.
  • Emergency stop devices, safety fencing, guard locking switches and light curtains.
  • Safety contactors, pneumatic and hydraulic safety valves.