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Single Phase Main 50Ka MEN



NSP Surge Diverter
The NSP1-50-275 provides protection (L-N) in accordance with AS3000 for single phase MEN main switchboards. It is rated for both 8/20μs and 10/350μs impulses making it suitable for use in moderately high exposure locations, for example in domestic switchboards with underground or short overhead feeds. Three NSP1-50-275 may be used for three phase applications.

Pluggable Top
The Novaris NSP range features pluggable modules, colour coded orange for L-N and black for N-PE, where applicable. Display and Alarm The NSP range features a display window with green indicating operational and red indicating that replacement is necessary. A voltage free changeover contact allows for external alarm indication.

Overcurrent Protection
The NSP range requires external overcurrent protection as per AS3000. A  32A circuit breaker or fuse is recommended. Alternatively, the NSP could be paralleled with an existing power circuit. Since it draws negligible current under normal conditions it will not affect the circuit loading. A Novaris surge circuit breaker (SCB) may also be used.

Installation Manual

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Product Datasheet

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